Why Detox is Important

A detox comes from the word detox, which means detox. You detoxify your body during a detox. You get these toxins through various things. Just think of alcohol, smoking, refined sugars, environmental pollution and stress. Your body can remove many toxins from itself, luckily, but not all. The excess toxins are stored in your fat cells. That is why such a detox is important to keep everything nice and clean. During a detox you eat healthy, light and digestible meals or just juices. So you get few toxins and therefore your body can remove the toxins.

Phases of a detox

So there are many different types of detox treatments, the phases do not differ but how long a phase lasts. A responsible detox treatment lasts an average of 14 days. Below is assumed 7 days of preparation, 3 days of detox and detoxes and 4 days of building up.

The preparation phase

In this phase you gradually reduce your normal diet. For example, if you drink coffee every day, or sometimes several times a day, you will reduce this. First to 1 per day, then every other day and then nothing more. But also think of other foods that you normally get such as refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods such as ready-made meals.

The Detox phase

In this phase you will detox your body. As mentioned earlier, this phase differs because you can, for example, only drink juices or smoothies, but also detox with light and pure food.

The Final Phase

In this final phase you will slowly rebuild with healthy food. Remember that your body has only lived on juices, or with light foods so still avoid the heavy filling foods.

Pay attention:
A detox treatment is about detoxing your body. That is why it is important to do a number of things that stimulate detox. Therefore drink enough. This helps to remove the toxins. Also think about doing things for yourself such as a sauna day or a big walk in nature. This ensures peace and stimulates cleaning. There is also mental peace during detoxification. So keep in mind that you are tired sooner and may not be able to do all normal daily activities. It is also important to wash your vegetables well and peel your fruit if it is not organic.



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